I could offer a million answers, all false.
The truth is, I'm a bad person.


Two ravens in the old oak tree, one for you and one for me.
Bluebells in the late December, I see signs now all the time
The last time we slept together, there was something that was not there. You never wanted to alarm me but I’m the one that’s drowning now

I could sleep forever these days because in my dreams I see you again
But this time fleshed out fuller face in your confirmation dress
It was so like you to visit me to let me know you were ok
It was so like you visit me, always worrying about someone else

At your funeral I was so upset, so upset,
in your life you were larger than this

I see signs now all the time that your not dead your sleeping
I believe in anything that brings you back home to me…

Do you notice how it’s blurry at the beginning and suddenly sharpens at the end?  When it’s blurry, it’s because when you’re in love, you supposedly don’t see anything other than the person you love.  And when it sharpens, it’s because the world has come back into focus now that their loved one is gone.  SYMBOLISM.

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A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. #INTJ #introverts #quietrev #quotes


A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. #INTJ #introverts #quietrev #quotes

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My love.


My love.

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

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Carnivores Tour 2014

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Noah Mills’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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